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Questions from sponsors

Questions from heroes

Questions from sponsors

What is SponsorMio?

SponsorMio is a platform for companies which are willing to cooperate with social media heroes on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Co. and are interested in promoting their products authentically. A SponsorMio influencer campaign increases the social media scope tremendously and the brand is being promoted in the right target group.

How does SponsorMio work for companies/brands?

First of all you register your company as a sponsor for free. After that the SponsorMio Team becomes familiar with your product and outlines a custom campaign for the product. If you like it, we jointly define KPIs, target groups, social media channels, budget and the timing of the campaign. From our comprehensive database we select suitable heroes based on socio-demographic and geographical factors. We look after your campaign from soup to nuts and create a summary at the end.

What does SponsorMio cost?

Signing up and creating campaigns is currently free. For custom campaigns SponsorMio demands commission which may vary depending on the scale, but we won’t charge the customer before clarifying every detail.

Which social media platforms does SponsorMio work with?

Basically every channel is available. We gained experiences with campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Your individual ideas and wishes like videos, photos or tutorials can be arranged with the influencer or decribed in the particular campaign. Of course our experts are always there to help you. Feel free to contact us under info@sponsormio.com whenever you have questions.

What is social media product placement?

There are various possibilities to place your product in social media. Here the company’s target group matters, because with this information we select the most suitable influencer. We concentrate on placements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

How does product placement work in miscellaneous media?
Which types of product placements are existing?

A review is a contribution (text-post, video, photo-post, etc.) which is exclusively created for a product. Heroes tell something about their experiences with the product and show the uniqueness of the product. Your product will be cleverly integrated in the story. (Storytelling)

This sort of product placement recommends buying or using the product either at the beginning or at the end of the contribution.

In a haul the hero shows the product and tells why he/she bought it and which experiences he/she already made while using it. Furthermore he/she explains the functionality or rather a quick how-to-use and names websites to buy it. (Hyperlinks inclusive)

The classic product placements is promoting the product without ever mentioning it. However it can be seen all the time and the hero cleverly steers the attention towards the product. Visibly placing the product in the background is a well-known example.

The “Favorite”-placement compares products and promotes your product as the favorite. The hero explains why your product is better than those of your competitors. This is a very effective one!

In a tutorial the influencer explains how to use your product, what to do with it and why he/she decided to buy it. A “Do-it-yourself”-Video or a makeup-tutorial is a good example for this kind of product placement.

What is a social media influencer?

Social media influencer are individuals with a big reach on any channel (e.g. Facebook or Instagram). They enjoy high reputation among their followers and affect their purchase decision. When it comes to product placements they need to be considered, because nowadays they are sometimes even more popular than celebrities in the younger target groups. The majority of the heroes became famous through social media and built a marketable reach also referred to as fans or even friends. The influencer’s opinion is valuable and important for their subscribers.

Questions from heroes

What is SponsorMio?

SponsorMio is an online platform for brands and social media influencer like you. We offer companies the possibility to promote their products on social media and we are simultaneously giving you the chance to monetarise your reach or to check out new products to present them on your channel.

Is everyone eligible to sign up on SponsorMio?

Almost everyone. SponsorMio is free, but you’re supposed to have at least 2000 followers and you should be over 16 years old.

What do I need to enter to become a hero on SponsorMio?

You have to sign up with your personal data. Don’t worry, we know your privacy matters. For that reason we save your data on secure German servers. Only if the sponsor needs to send you products and everything is agreed from both you and the sponsor, the system provides them with the necessary information.

Is SponsorMio free for me?

Signing up and using SponsorMio is free for you as a hero. Our target is to market your social media channels and help you monetarising your posts. For us transparent communication is crucial.

What happens to my rights relating to posts and photos shared within the scope of a SponsorMio campaign?

Your profile and your posts only belong to you. However SponsorMio reserves the right to use photos and posts on SponsorMio.com or on the sponsors internet appearences as well as on their social media channels.