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What is an Influencer?

You can interpret an Influencer in various ways. And that is what makes it so special. The authentic and unique picture it shows makes an Influencer an influencing person. ‘Influencer’ is not a word out of the dictionary, it is more a neologism out of “influencing someone”.

Let’s look at one example:
Mel owns an Instagram account and has 30.000 same aged girls which are interested in photos about beauty products and styling hints. In average Mel gets roundabout 3000 likes on her posts and therefore she has a significant reach.

Mel presents a lot of products including their brands and is often very excited, but sometimes she’s disappointed by things she tests and that makes her so trustworthy for her followers. “I have to try what Mel recommends because she has a lot of experience and is able to compare” – that’s what a lot of fans think and consequently they buy those presented products.

A few Influencer get paid for posts or at least receive free products. This enables Mel to create more content and some social-media stars are even full-time Influencer or blogger. One example is the German Sami Slimani who records 1.7 billion followers on YouTube.

The diversity of sponsoring is a result of all the possible ways to create a huge scope of followers. It doesn’t matter if someone is travelling a lot, maybe even in an exploratory way or is organizing events, every potential advertisement is useful. As an example, there are travel-blogs, company logos on jackets at events or a lot of creative stuff out there.

The market for Influencer Marketing is tremendous and to remain having an overview SponsorMio was founded in 2016. We collect all those different profiles of Influencers (we call them Heroes) and suggest them to sponsors.

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