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How to find a sponsor?

To find a sponsor is often associated with tremendous effort. Contacting companies takes forever and the responds are often standardized rejections even before you’re able to present your project. SponsorMio gives you hints to significantly improve your chances finding a sponsor.

Identify potential sponsors

A potential sponsor wants to be convinced. This assumes that you know exactly what the company does and what it stands for. Furthermore you should be able to figure out which target group the brand prefers. How can you reach those people? Those questions should be answered by yourself before you are trying to convince a sponsor. As soon as you collected this information you know if the particular sponsor is a potential sponsor for your project and an important step is taken.

Find responsible persons for sponsoring decisions

For externals it’s often not possible to see who decides whether the company sponsors your project or not. However this person is crucial, because he/she is the one to be convinced. Therefore it is important to find out who makes the decisions in the respective company.

In general and especially in bigger companies it is the marketing or corporate social responsibility (CSR) department which is responsible for sponsoring. This gives you a clue where to search for the contact person. Now you may need to call the company and ask for the responsible person for a past campaign. If you’re lucky they’ll provide you with the direct contact data.

You might now be thinking ‘wow, that’s complicated’, but signing up on SponsorMio helps you a lot. We already convinced a bunch of companies and now it’s up to you to tell them your ideas and to promote their products.

There will be some more blog posts regarding details of your application.

Your SponsorMio-Team.

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