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Due to our expertise in influencer marketing campaigns in Social Media, we present the basics for a successful influencer marketing campaign. This blog addresses both companies that are willing to place their products in Social Media via an influencer campaign and influencers - we call them heroes - that are willing to realise their adventures and earn money online.


What is an Influencer??

You can interpret an Influencer in various ways. And that is what makes it so special. The authentic and unique picture it shows makes an Influencer an influencing person. ‘Influencer’ is not a word out of the dictionary, it is more a neologism out of “influencing someone”...

How to present my project?

Companies attach importance to an authentic placement of their product. This authenticity depends on several factors...

How to find a sponsor?

To find a sponsor is often associated with tremendous effort. Contacting companies takes forever and the responds are often standardized rejections even before you’re able to present your project. SponsorMio gives you hints to significantly improve your chances finding a sponsor...